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advanced lessons - iko level3 - Get independent

Experience Requirements: IKO Level 2 or equivalent.

Other Requirements: Wetsuit gloves, booties, food and drink, you need to be able to swim but not necessarily be a strong swimmer nor be super fit.

The Advanced Lessons start off where the intermediate ones finished and after successfully completing these you will awarded IKO Kiteboarder Level 3, please note there is no guarantee of this but this is what we're aiming for. Most people find 2-3 sessions after completing the intermediate lessons to be enough to qualify for the IKO Level 3 accreditation but again we have to emphasise that we all learn at different rates and it may take some longer and others less.

All lessons are conducted on the beach at low tide and any kite flying will be undertaken in the water. The advanced lesson plan covers all the elements you need to become an independent kitesurfer and gives you extra time to practice and progress under close supervision. We can correct your mistakes and tweak your technique so you start from further ahead when you go solo. You can also build the confidence to go to any beach, assess the location and conditions, set up your kite, launch it and get out on the water safely.

We'll recap on all the elements of the beginner and intermediate lessons, starting with some theory and a safety briefing, and then get straight into the water. We continue with the board work, aiming to get you travelling in both directions, and stopping too!

During the lesson, we will also repeat any elements that feel you need more confidence in or need to improve, so that you feel ready to go out kitesurfing on your own.

Our aim with the advanced lessons is to give you all the skills and knowledge you need to kitesurf 100% independently, a foundation to become a great all round kitesurfer.

  • Controlled Stop

  • Control of Riding Speed by Edging

  • Riding Upwind

  • Sliding Transitions

  • Toe-Side Riding

  • Toe-Side Turn

  • Self-Launching

  • Self-Rescue and Pack Down in Deep Water

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