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Intermediate Lessons - IKO Level 2 - GET THE BASICS

Experience Requirements: IKO Level 1 or equivalent 

Other Requirements: Wetsuit gloves and booties. Food and drink for the day. You need to be able to swim, but not necessarily be a strong swimmer nor be super fit.


The Intermediate Lessons cover all the elements you need to become a kitesurfer. You should be starting to get up on the board and will have covered all the safety information you need to kitesurf alone. All lessons are conducted on the beach at low tide and any kite flying will be undertaken in the water.

We will recap on all the elements of the Beginner Lessons, starting with some theory and a safety briefing, we then get straight into the water. This is all practical: we warm up with some body dragging from the Beginner Lessons and then spend most of the day working towards getting up on the board and starting to travel. We also practice launching and landing the kite on the beach and walking safely with it on land. These are very important skills to have if you are going to come down to the beach on your own, set up and go out safely. We will also fit in a self-rescue exercise, so that you are able to get yourself safely back to shore if you ever get into difficulties.


Here we start off where the beginner lessons end and after successfully completing the Intermediate Lesson requirements, you will be awarded IKO Kiteboarder Level 2. Most people find one or two sessions after completing the Beginner Lessons to be enough to qualify for the IKO Level 2 accreditation.

Our aim with the Intermediate Lessons is to give you the basic skills and knowledge to continue practising safely and confidently on your own to become a good all-round kitesurfer.

  • Enter and Exit the Water While Controlling the Kite

  • Water Relaunch

  • Side Body-drag with 2 Hands

  • Body-drag with Power Stroke on Both Sides

  • Body-drag Upwind

  • Body-drag with the Board

  • Self-Rescue and Pack Down Discovery

  • R.O.W. Rules Introduction

  • Steady-pull

  • Water-Start

Completing the Beginner and Intermediate Lesson plan may be enough for you – especially if your have other water or board sport experience – but there is a lot to fit in and you may prefer to undertake advanced lessons and work toward your IKO Level 3. This will help you gain more confidence to continue practising on your own as an independent kitesurfer. You can always see how it goes and add the Advanced Course or extra days later if you want to.

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