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Booking kitesurf lessons


To book any lessons please use the online booking form and please go through the provided payment system.

If you're unsure of what lessons to go for please send us an email so we can discuss your plans, remember all lessons are costed per day, you only pay for what you use but we'll always push you to learn as much as possible in a short as time as possible. We do all learn at different rates and have different strengths. These are typical course duration times:

Beginner Lessons: Typically one four hours session to get IKO Level 1

Intermediate Lessons: Beginner Course required or IKO level 1 from elsewhere, then typically one four hour session to get IKO Level 2

Advanced Lessons: Intermediate Course required or IKO level 2 from elsewhere, then typically two to three four hour session to get IKO Level 3.

No wind no pay

If there is no wind or too much wind on the day of your course we will rebook a time that suits you or refund any unused lesson time if you can't come back. You will never lose any lesson time with us. We believe you should get real value from your lessons, so if the conditions mean you are not going to progress or get the most out of your session, we won't waste your time and charge you for it.

We'll be in communication with you for all your scheduled lessons and if the weather doesn't look good even at short notice we will notify you to rebook saving you money and a wasted journey; we will then rebook to another time.


Fair cancellation policy

If you cancel your booked session and we can fill your place we will refund your course in full or rebook your date. If we can't fill your place and have previously turned other students away because of your booking we have the right to retain £ 125.00 to cover the day.

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